How Spider AF Works
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How Spider AF works

Detecting Fraudulent Behavior:

Spider AF Tracker resides on the website, providing website owners with comprehensive insights into their traffic. While the decision of when to activate the tracking tag rests with the website owner, it is highly recommended to install it on all pages for maximum effectiveness. Once deployed, Spider AF Tracker diligently scans and analyzes device metrics, as well as session-level metrics, including page locations, referrers, IP addresses, and user agents. Moreover, it employs sophisticated algorithms to identify signs of bot behavior, further strengthening its fraud detection capabilities.

Data Storage and Security

To ensure seamless data management, Spider AF Tracker securely stores the collected information on reliable servers provided by trusted industry leaders such as Google, Amazon, and Akamai. These servers guarantee the privacy and integrity of the data, protecting it from unauthorized access.

Data Collection

The data gathered by Spider AF Tracker serves a vital purpose: identifying and preventing fraud. By processing the collected information, Spider AF returns a decision in realtime that allows it to block fraudulent access attempts. Spider AF also creates exclusion lists that effectively filter out fraudulent activity from your other platform such as adnetworks.

Additionally, the data analysis and insights generated by Spider AF Tracker are presented on intuitive and user-friendly dashboards, empowering website owners to make informed decisions and take appropriate actions to safeguard their online platforms.

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