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How to set up ad-level tracking with Google Ads
How to set up ad-level tracking with Google Ads

This article explains how to set up a tracking template at the ad level with Google Ads.

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Getting started

You can analyze traffic sources, keywords, and device data when you use Spider AF with Google Ads. To do this, you must set up a tracking template.

By setting this up at the ad level, you can track a particular ad.

Ad-level setup

  1. In Google Ads, click Ads & extensions and then Ads in the left menu.

    Click the pencil icon beside the ad that you want to track.

  2. In the Ad URL options section, find the Tracking template field. If there is already text in the field, please contact us.

  3. If the Tracking template field is empty, copy and paste this text into it:


  4. Click the Save Ad button at the bottom of the page.

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