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How to set up an audience tag with Microsoft ads
How to set up an audience tag with Microsoft ads

How to exclude invalid traffic from Microsoft ads though audience exclusions

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This support guide provides instructions on how to use Microsoft Ads audience tags to set up audience exclusion. The purpose of this guide is to help you prevent invalid accesses from being included in your campaigns.

We recommend setting exclusions here for all campaigns, as Spider AF will automatically update audiences for invalid users. Although the population of the audience will be updated automatically, the exclusion audiences will need to be applied manually to existing and new campaigns.

How to set up

First, publish an audience tag to collect invalid accesses with Spider AF. You can refer to the following article for guidance on how to issue audience tags in Microsoft Ads.

  1. Log in to your Microsoft Ads account and navigate to the 'Audience' section, located under 'Tools' in the top tab.

  2. Select '+Create' at the bottom of the screen.

  3. Create a new audience to exclude in Spider AF.

    • Name: Name the audience as per your preference

    • Type: Select 'Remarketing List' as the type

    • Click 'Next'

  4. Enter the detailed information for the audience.

    • Tag name: Enter 'safivt' as the tag name (this will be the tag name under which you created the audience tag).

    • Choose 'page visitors' for potential users.

    • Visited pages must match all rules in this group.

      • Enter 'URL', 'Include' and 'Target website domain' respectively.

      • Membership period: enter '390'.

    Select 'Save' at the bottom of the screen to create the audience.

  5. From the 'Ads' menu, go to 'Dynamic Ad Targeting', then select 'Audience'.

  6. Click on the '+Create association' link at the bottom of the page to associate the audiences.

  7. Associating audiences.

    Select the relevant advertising campaign and choose 'Remarketing list' under 'Exclude campaigns' in the pull-down menu.

    Select the audiences you have created, and click on the '+'symbol to add them to 'Selected' on the right side.

    1. *Note that the definition of audience size may differ from the number of invalid accesses detected by Spider AF. Hence, there may be a difference in the total count of numbers that are counted.

  8. Once you have selected your audiences, click the 'Save' button at the bottom of the screen to apply the audience exclusion.

    If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us for further assistance.

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